E X T R A    C U R R I C UL A R    A C T I V I T I E S




Junior Jaycee wing of Sri Kaliswari college has been started with a sheer intension of developing the leadership qualities of our students. The basic principle of this why is based on the Chinese proverb,

If you give a man fish, you feed him for a day

If you teach him fishing, you feed him for his life

Every man born in this world is unique. He has some innate talents. Junior Jaycee wing takes it a mission to help everyone to identify his own talents and succeed in life. With the Individual development programmes organized by the wing, it is successful in its mission. So, all the activities of Junior Jaycee wing are based on the view to inculcate leadership qualities of an individual and bring the welfare of the society through it.




               Every year the Vivekananda Kendra conducted cultural studies examination for the college students. Our students are participating this examination. This year nearly 48 students were participated out of which five students are selected the four days camp of Kendra. This year VNR Kendra Seva Sangam conducted Quiz competition for the college student out of nearly 50 students were participated, and six students are awarded for I, II & III prize and all the students are receiving the participants certificate.


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NSS Unit

               Separate N.S.S unit is organized for both boys and girls bearing No.192 and 193 respectively.

   Every year Special camp for 10 days on Orientation and Training Programme for N.S.S volunteers is being conducted. Lectures on Personal Cleanliness, Self employment and Bank loans, To shine in Civil Service Examination are a very few activities of  the N.S.S unit for boys.

             Regarding N.S.S unit for girls, Orientation Training Programme for N.S.S volunteers, Aids awareness programme, Consumer Awareness programme, Women empowerment are a very few activities.

Youth Red Cross

                     Every year not less than three or four Blood donation campus are being Conducted in collaboration with Govt. Hospital, Indian Medical Association Virudhunagar & Lions club. Students of this college are voluntarily donating their blood to the Blood Bank of Govt. Hospital for the emergency purpose like accident etc. Lecture on “Fundamental rights of Indian citizen” was organized. Besides this 1000 round Red Cross stickers were distributed to our students in connection with Geneva convention day and to create disaster management brigade. Every year First Aid Training Programme is being conducted to the students of Youth Red Cross.     

Quiz forum

              The forum is displaying “Daily Quiz”. Every year it organizes an inter varsity quiz contest. Accordingly during the year 2005, it conducted   “Aspirant’s Quench”. It sponsors various Quiz activities to improve general knowledge and general awareness among the students and to prepare them fit for the competitive world. It plans to develop its activities more.

Faculty Academic Forum 

              Phonological awareness training improves reading, vocabulary and syntactic skills. Like wise, Training on communication skills improves their presentation in any where. Hence   every month, experts from various colleges and Universities are invited to deliver a worthy lecture for the improvement of Communication Skills and Phonological awareness. Faculty members who are eminent in their respective field are giving Lectures on the Topics related to them for the benefit of the Academics   It is very useful to them.

Humor Club

              With a view to improve the talents of the students in Humor, Elocution, Recitation , Essay and Short stories, this club has been organised in our college and more than 100 students are the members of the club.


  “Kalis Einstein Techno Exhibition” was conducted on the eve of National Science Day . Most of the students from Colleges & Schools participated in the exhibition and placed their inventions.

             Every year Exhibition on “Book Fair” and “Hand Loom” is organised for the benefit of the students and the staff members of our college .


I. World Chef Day

 In the month of every October, we are celebrating the “Chef Day” for the benefit of the  students of the Department of Hotel Management and Catering Science . Chefs from various star hotels will be the chief guest on this occasion.

II. Womens’ Day

          Every year we celebrate “Womens’ Day”. Girl students alone are participating in the function .“Roll of women” will be the important topic of the day.It will help to impart the awareness of women which is mostly needed for the present day.    

III. Muthtamil  Kalai Vizha

            In order to develop the skills  among the students in Dialogue, Music & Drama, “ Muthtamil Kalai Vizha ” is being celebrated every year on behalf of the Department of Tamil studies. Competitions are being held at inter collegiate level in Virudhunagar District so that the students of the other colleges are also benefited    

Food festival  

Every year we are celebrating “Food Festival” in the common interest of Public and students. Recently in the month of October 2005, Food Festival was celebrated in our college campus. Winsome Food items of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh were prepared by our students of the Department of Hotel Management and served to the gatherings. More than 800 people were participated and enjoyed the Food Festival.


       I. Carrom 

Every year Carrom competition is being conducted in our college in collaboration with District Carrom Association, Virudhunagar. This year, during October 2005, State level Carrom Competition for the Youth Carrom Championship under the age group of 21 years-both Boys & Girls was conducted   in our college campus.

          “Sri Kaliswari fire works Ever Rolling Trophy” for youth boys singles and “Sivakami Ammal Ever Rolling Trophy” for youth girls singles, sponsored by Sri Kaliswari Group were awarded to the winners .

                   II. Chess

          35 th  National Junior Boys (under 19) and 20 th  Junior Girls (under 19) Chess Championships 2005 for N.P.S.S. Rathina Nadar Trophy is going to be conducted from 26.11.2005 to 3.12.2005 at our college campus organised by Sivakasi Chess Club on behalf of All India Chess Federation under the auspices of Tamil Nadu State Chess Association.        

         III. Fencing

All infrastructure facilities are available in our college for Fencing competition. Hence such competitions are being conducted in collaboration with District Fencing Association , Virudhunagar. We are very proud to mention here that both the Virudhunagar District Fencing Association and our college unitedly organized the First State Level Senior Fencing Championship at our College campus.


Every year Nation wide Celebrations like Re-public Day, Independence Day and Teachers’ day are being celebrated in our college in a spectacular manner inviting V.I.P s from various Universities. Likewise Sports Day is being celebrated inviting players of National Level.   


“Karate” is an art of self defence. Now a days, it is being taught in all most all the schools and colleges even from Elementary stage. Hence we are conducting free classes of Karate to the students of UG courses.

Under the scheme of Value Added Courses, Karate is being taught compulsorily for both men &women.


1) Seminar on Career Guidance is being organised every year for the betterment of +2 students.

2) Special coaching classes are being conducted for the students those who have failed in their +2 examination. Faculty members of our college are eagerly and earnestly coaching the students in their relevant subjects.

3) Free courses on “Fundamentals of Computer” is being organised for the benefit of the +2 students during the holidays followed by their examination.

4) Our college is pioneer in conducting the coaching classes for the +2 students as well as our college students to get through the TNPSC examinations. Coaching classes are also conducted for the Civil Service Examinations too.

5) Awareness of Law among the public and students is more essential rather  than anything. Keeping this in mind, we are conducting too many programmes in the name of “An Over view of Law awareness ”. Eminents in the respective field are invited for the above programme.

6) Among other things, road accidents are increasing day by day. This is only because of unawareness of Traffic Rules. In order to create  awareness among the students and public, we are conducting programmes illustrating the Rules and Regulations of Traffic. Authorities concerned are being invited for this purpose.

7) Almost all the Banks in our country are in competitive and ready to provide loan facilities for Small scale Industries, Agriculture purpose, Construction of house, Education etc. But most of us are unaware of the facilities provided by the Banks.   In order to make them aware of the Bank loan facilities, we are making use of the authorities of Banks to brief the modalities in getting loan from the Banks.

8) It is a common Slogan in all over the world that “AIDS” is a disease which could not be cured but controlled. In order to educate the Slogan of “Prevention is better than cure”, among the public and the younger generation, we are conducting Aids awareness programmes with the help of the Organisations interested in the field such as TANSACS and Teddy Trust Hospital                                                                    

          9) Planning forum, EXONARA, RRC, Alumni, Junior Jaycess wing, Vivekananda Kendra, Rotract club have also been organized and functioning in the growth and development of the college.

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 1.  Different types of activities are given for the  II year and III year UG students and the  Course is held in the last hour on all days.


2.   The Students of Arts are given a basic knowledge about science subjects whereas the Students of science  are given a basic knowledge about arts subjects.


3.  To enhance the communicative ability of the students, English classes are conducted.


4.  Under the spiritual orientation programme, easy Rajayoga meditation classes  are conducted .


5.  A search for spiritual knowledge is instilled in the minds of the students .


6. Hindi classes are conducted and the students are prepared  to appear for Prathmic exams.


7. Karate classes are conducted periodically so as to enable the students to learn Karate, an art of self-defence.


8. Personality Development programmes are also conducted.


9. General knowledge classes are conducted to improve the general knowledge of our students.


10. Classes on Sanskrit and French are conducted for the II & III Year Students of U.G Courses.