The highly demanding multi-disciplinary Biotechnology course was started with an in depth and far sighted vision to achieve excellence from Studies to Research. The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Biotechnology, B.Sc. (B.T) and M.Sc.(B.T). An Eminent team of members with Researchers of International reputation imparts knowledge and training to the students and offers guidance for employment and higher studies. A sophisticated well equipped laboratory with a range of equipments including PCR(Thermal Cycler), Fermenter (5 L Capacity), Deep Freezer- 86oC and 20oC, Freeze Dryer, Nikon 50 Si Fluorescence and phase contrast Microscope, Nikon inverted Microscope, Fraction collector, Co2 Incubator, Hybridization oven, Environmental shaker, Gel documentation, Vacuum oven, Cold room, well equipped Plant / Animal tissue Culture facility etc is available in the department.

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A Research and Development centre with a state of art facility has also been established in the department. It organizes various seminars and workshops inviting experts of national reputation under the auspices of its association “Bio-Vision”. Students are trained in such a way that they can seek employment as Research Assistants, Technicians, Marketing Personnel in R&D and Biotech based Industries and after their studies they are also encouraged for further Research and coaching to higher degrees. A wide range of research activities has already been carried out with receiving funds from the Department of Biotechnology, (Govt. of India, New Delhi) for the project on Bio-Energy Plantation. Besides Rural Farmers have been given demonstration on the subject. The Govt. of India, Ministry of Environment and Forest has also sanctioned funds for our project on conservation of endangered plants and improvement of Botanical Garden. Projects on Bio-Diesel, Medicinal and Nursery Gardens and Vermi compost have been carried out with the investment of the management it self. Projects planned for future include Bio-Fertilizer production, Mushroom cultivation, Plant tissue culture, Micro Propagation of Medicinally important plants and other related areas of Plant-Biotechnology, Drug discovery and Human fertility based on the skills of faculty members.

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Faculty Members:

Dr.K.Rajakumar, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,M.Ed.,

Dr.K.RameshKannan, M.Sc.,Ph.D.

Mrs.R.Anitha Jothi, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,

Dr.V.Pandidurai, M.Sc.,Ph.D.,

Mr.A.Periyanayakasamy M.Sc.,P.G.D.B.I.,

Dr.P.Theriappan, M.Sc.,Ph.D.,

Ms.G.Uma Gowsalya, M.Sc.,

Mr.P.Dhasarathan, M.Sc.,

Mr.V.Thangapandian M.Sc.,M.Phil.,

Ms.S.Lakshmi Subha, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,

Ms.N.AgalyaDevi ,M.Sc.,

Project co-ordinator

Dr.N.Ramesh M.Sc.,Ph.D


Mr.A.NageswaraGaneshmurugan, B.Sc.,


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