The department offers U.G course (B.Sc.,Chemistry). Under the regular Stream, it teaches general chemistry to physics and biotechnology students at under graduate level. A team of well-qualified and experienced faculty members are dedicating themselves to impart quality education to the students to meet the challenges of the fast growing field. Experts are invited from various universities and colleges to enrich their knowledge in the subject. The Department also organizes various short-term Certificate courses on Safety Matches and Fireworks and Certificate Course in Industrial Safety. The Lab is well equipped with adequate instruments for the separation, identification of various reactants, products of Organic and Inorganic compounds and to study their pharmaceutical effects.


We have a Analytical Laboratory where we are doing analyses for the Chemicals received from the Factories, Industries and Companies located in Virudhunagar District and giving characteristics (Physical and Chemical) report of the chemicals analised for their benefit. A nominal charge is being levied from them. The department arranges for the Industrial visit to have first hand information about the production activity.

Faculty Members:

· Mr.S.Alagappan, M.Sc., M.Phil.,

· Ms.K.Meenakshi, M.Sc., M.Phil.,

· Mr.R.Ramprasath M.Sc.,




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