All the faculty members are eminent scholars with stupendous and redundant knowledge in their respective field .They are all abscessed with the mighty growth of this college alone .They are the one more feather on the cap of Sri Kaliswari College

Tamil - Cherishing the rich literature of a classic language

Department of Tamil

English - to strengthen the knowledge of world language to strengthen life

Department of English

Vivese Senso Duo
veiksmingas ginklas kovoje su plikimu. Žiūrėti dabar!

Commerce - mastering the art of materialistic advancement

Department of Commerce

Management Studies - Planning and effective execution for life's prosperity

Department of Management Studies

Computer Science and IT - on becoming the monarch of cyber world

Department of Computer Science & IT

Biotechnology - a journey towards better and stronger species

Department of Biotechnology

Mathematics - towards the discovery of mathematical genius

Department of Mathematics

Physics - probing into impenetrable spheres of atom

Department of Physics

Hotel Management - a pilgrimage towards apex of hospitality

Department of Hotel Management

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry - to experience the alchemical adventure

Department of Chemistry


Chemistry - to experience the chemical adventure

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Physical Education - strengthening the temple of soul

Department of Physical Education