The Department offers P.G.(M.Sc) course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. This course is a new innovative job oriented entrepreneurial course which provides employment opportunities in Pharmaceutical Companies & Industries. A team of well-qualified and experienced faculty members are dedicating themselves to impart quality education to the students. In the first year the students are exposed and trained in all the main three branches of Chemistry (Organic, In organic and Physical). In the second year, the students study in detail about the design and development, the manufacturing methods and the reactivity of various drugs and medicinal natural products. The fourth semester is meant for the project work only. The Students must take up the projects of their own choice with respect to the drug and undergo training in our Institution / in the University/ in Pharmaceutical Industry. The Lab is well equipped with adequate instruments for the separation, identification of various reactants, products of Organic and Inorganic compounds and to study their pharmaceutical effects.

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Faculty Members:

Mr.L.Sakthi Kumar, M.Sc., M.Phil.,

Ms.S.Megala Sathyasheeli, M.Sc.,





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